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Posting "Pre-Written" Ads On Social Media.


Welcome To eCash Boost

The Good News Is…

This Doesn't Require

  • Spamming Social Media
  • Chatbots
  • Expensive Methods
  • Making Videos
  • Time Consuming Methods
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Built for Your Success

Our system was built from the ground up with your profits in mind. Here at eCash Boost you make more profit than the industry standard.

Profitable from Day One!

Start earning commissions on your very first sale, and at any level. Whether someone joins below or above you. That's right… you never lose a commission regardless of the level you're at.

Leverage Compensation Plan

The eCash Boost compensation plan is structured to give you leverage. In addition to the direct commissions, this plan allows you to earn passive income from all your referrals with, overrides, split pay overrides, and upgrade commissions.

Make Money While You Sleep

With multiple entry levels and four ways to earn commissions, the eCash Boost system makes it possible for you to earn a passive income, even while you're sleeping.


Why Our System Is So Effective?

Just Look at Some of The Benefits…

No Cold Calling or Selling!

No need for making sales calls or calling on friends and family. Our system and marketing material does the selling for you.

No MLM Matrix Plans!

This is not MLM (multi-level marketing). Our system is simple. You make a commission off your referrals plus a commission from their referrals which generates passive income.

No Monthly Products to Purchase!

Our product is digital training media and is included with each level you join, therefore there's no monthly products to inventory.

No Monthly Fees!

Our system is a one-time payment program (no monthly fees). You simply come in at the level you're comfortable with and only upgrade when you're ready to advance to the next level.

No Websites to Build!

No websites or complicated auto-responders to build. If you can mail a postcard then you can do this. Our system provides everything you need to get started on day one.

No Online Competition!

Because we use direct mail media marketing approach, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to saturate this market. However, you can also do online marketing if you choose.

Membership Product Levels

All levels are one-time purchases, not monthly.


Admin Fee: $25


Admin Fee: $35


Admin Fee: $50

With our traditional one-up concept, the first sale is passed up to the sponsor, so you are always the first to get paid, with unlimited pay-lines. You only ever pass up one sale, and keep every sale after that, regardless of the level you come in at or upgrade to. This compensation plan has proven itself to be the most profitable plan in the industry. Although the first sale is passed up, you still retain that referral as your affiliate for your back office affiliate link referrals.

You have 6 ways of making commissions:

1) Pass-up Commissions: This is a 1up system, meaning that the first sale is passed up to the sponsor. So, you make a commission on the the first sale of every new direct referral, and the first sale of that referral, to infinty. Each referral only ever passes up one sale, regardless if they upgrade.

2) Direct Commissions: You make 100% direct referral commission whenever someone joins directly through you, up to your level. The rest is override and goes to your sponsor, up to their level.

3) Override Commissions: Imagine Susan buys from Joe the $300 level, but Joe is only at the $50 level and you are Joe's sponsor and you are at the $300 level. YOU WILL GET $250 override commission.

4) Split Pay Override Commissions: Imagine Susan buys from Frank the $300 level, but Frank is only at the $50 level. Joe is Frank's sponsor, but Joe is only at the $150 level. And you are Joe's sponsor and you are at the $300 level. So in this case, $50 will go to Frank, and $150 will go to Joe, and YOU WILL GET $100 split pay override commission, while doing NOTHING!

5) Upgrade Bonuses: We don't short your commissions! You still receive the same commission structure as above anytime one of your referrals upgrades to a higher level.

6) Back Office Affiliate Links: In your back office you have the option to add additional affiliate links that will be shown to your direct team members.

Upgrading: You can upgrade at any time. The member fee and admin fee is a one-time payment for the level that you choose to join. There is no monthly fee.

You never miss-out on a commission! Meaning, that if someone joins through you but at a higher level, you still receive a commission, up to your current level. The difference will be passed up to your sponsor (through override and split pay override commissions). So, it's important to join at the highest level possible to maximize your commission earnings from all your referrals at lower levels than you.